Training for Female Athletes

I was asked recently what the difference between training youth male versus training youth female athletes was. Simply put, the basic training principles that we follow at Hustle remain the same for whomever we train, regardless of their gender. We stick to the fundamentals and build up everyone as an athlete, and help them become stronger, faster, and more confident.


Male and Female Athletes both require:

-An Efficient Warm- up

– Mobility/Flexibility/Stability Training

– Injury Prevention Exercises

– Bodyweight training prior to earning the right to touch the weights

– Core training

– Focus on Compound, Multi-Joint Movements

– Develop the posterior Chain (Glutes, Low Back, Hamstrings)

– Proper Diet and Recovery

There are a couple differences between training females.

One obvious, but very important difference is that females have less muscle mass than males. With that being said, this means that they are more likely to lose strength, speed, and conditioning easier than males. This is why it is important that female athletes continue to train during their competitive season.

Another difference I have seen while training females in comparison to males is that females tend to have knee valgus (knees caving in) when jumping, landing, performing squats, lunges, and simply sprinting. ACL injuries are also more common with females. Young females are two to eight times more likely than young males to injure the ACL.

With that being said, we make it a top priority in all programming to strengthen and improve the stability/mobility in our athletes ankles, knees, and hips.


For females who desire a leaner, stronger, more athletic physique, strength training is a must. Do NOT be afraid to incorporate strength training into your program! Looking to learn the proper way to go about it? Contact Hustle now.

Females Beware: Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem is a guaranteed side effect while training at Hustle