If your child/teenager is looking to develop their overall athleticism, including their: speed, power, strength, muscular growth, endurance and mental toughness, then we may be a good fit for them.

At Hustle Strength & Performance, we:
• Customize everything to the unique individual athlete
• Closely monitor and coach each athlete throughout each session. 
• Push our athletes outside of their comfort zone
• Provide monthly progress reports to YOU as our athletes, the parents, and any coaches requested to prove that you are in fact, training hard and investing to get better
• Keep the athlete engaged by continually updating their program so that they are always physically and mentally challenged
• Work on the mindset of each of our athletes which many parents inform us is the best part of the program

Armed with that background knowledge, we would like to let you know that being accepted to train as a Hustle athlete is an investment in:

Time. Yes, they will have to go a few minutes further to get here than they would by just walking to their high school weight room after school. And if they can’t drive yet, you will have to drive them or find a ride for them, so take that into consideration. (Maybe an ideal time for you to get a workout in too!)

Money. Having your athlete train with us requires that you have an investment-oriented mindset. We have taken numerous athletes and helped them develop into scholarship collegiate athletes. (In case you didn’t know, a college education can cost at least $200,000 and up now a days)

Life. If they don’t desire to take the sport beyond high school, that’s fine too. But it’s an investment into the experience they are going to have in the present then. They can have an ‘average’ year or they can have a year in which they have maximized their potential, with memories to last a life time. Some would argue, including me, that the life time memories are much more valuable than even getting a scholarship.

We do not accept all athletes into our program. It is highly selective and exclusive.

We require that our athletes have the correct attitude. We will determine this in their initial interview. There have been quite a few athletes that have not made it past this initial interview but we must protect the integrity of our athlete-training program at Hustle Strength & Performance and one ‘bad mindset’ can affect the rest of the athletes.
To get started, click on the button to fill out the application.

We will review it and get back to you within 2 days. I will let you know an answer either way whether they are being accepted for the initial interview. Lastly, we do not require that your athlete be a ‘Division 1 prospect’ or a ‘5-star athlete.’ We do work with some high level athletes but we actually prefer to take the good athlete with the right attitude to the land of maximizing their potential.
Because we know it’s the skills they will learn from the process that will last a lifetime.
P.S. You get what you pay for. If price is an issue, I can recommend some more financially affordable facilities in the area. This is a program starting at $159 per month.

Two of my children have been attending Hustle Strength regularly for about 8 months. Hustle Strength has played a significant role in the process of my daughter making her elite travel softball team. My son has reaped the benefits of Hustle Strength securing starting spots in both Rugby and Football. All athletes should live the Hustle philosophy.

James P

Dad of 2 Hustle Athletes

Hustle Strength Sponsors the following teams:


AWFM Renegades Hockey Club
Addison United Soccer Club
Bloomingdale Lightning Soccer Club
Addison Cowboys Football
Bloomingdale Bears Football Program
Glen Ellyn Youth Rugby
Chicago Cheetahs 14u Travel Softball
Itasca Lady Knights Travel Softball


Hustle Strength will be the BEST training experience you’ve ever had or you’ll get 100% of your money back. What’s stopping you from taking the first step?