MyZone Belt Fitness Monitor


 What Is a MyZone Belt?

MyZone is a personal fitness tracker that aims to reward effort rather than fitness itself. With a wireless connection and cloud technology, it allows you to:

Login anywhere at any time to see feedback and results.
Workout both inside and outside of Hustle.
Monitor your heart rate and burned calories.
Track the amount of time you’ve exercised.
See your workout progress in real time.
Track fitness values such as weight, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.
Enter fitness goals and work to achieve them.
Share your results with others at Hustle.

How MyZone Works

Setting Up Your MyZone

After receiving your belt, begin by registering online at MyZone Moves. You’ll need the code found on the back of your MyZone transmitter to connect your account. 
Hustle’s Fitness Studio Code is: HUSTLE001

Once your account is set up online, download the MyZone smartphone app and follow the instructions to log in. Then, begin connecting with friends from your studio. Connecting allows you to see friends’ fitness progress and cheer them on with every workout. You may also enter challenges with friends to keep motivation high while having fun.

How to Wear the MyZone Belt

The MyZone belt is made out of a flexible, elastic fabric that comfortably fits around your midsection, just below your chest. The belt can be adjusted for a perfect fit. After fastening the belt, rotate it around your body until the two snaps are aligned near the center of your front. Simply snap on the MyZone transmitter, and you’re ready to go! The transmitter will beep once when it turns on.


When you’re done working out, snap off the transmitter. It will beep three times after 15 seconds of inactivity, letting you know that it has officially turned off. The transmitter should always be taken off the belt once you’re done working out and they should be stored separately.


How Long Does The Battery Last?

After the first charge, the MyZone battery will last you three to six months, depending on how often you use it. You can monitor the amount of charge that’s left by checking your MyZone smartphone app while wearing your MyZone belt and transmitter.


Working Out with a MyZone Belt for the First Time

Set up will be a little different depending on whether or not you’re planning on working out inside or outside of your studio. If you’re working out inside your studio, your coach should have a workout planned for you. All you’ll need to do is put on the MyZone belt and kick some tail!


If you’re working out outside of the studio (at home, on vacation, on a work trip), put on the MyZone belt and navigate to your MyZone app. Go to the “Workout” tab and make sure your belt is connected. From there, you can choose from a bunch of MyZone workouts or create your own with the stopwatch, countdown, and time interval options. Once you choose what you’d like to do, the MyZone app will collect your data as normal.


What Do the MyZone Colors Mean?

 If you’re working out at Hustle, you’ll see your name up on a screen with others you’re working out with. Your name is directly connected with your MyZone so you can see how well you’re doing in real time.

As you move from your warm up to the bulk of your workout, you’ll notice that the slot with your name in it will change colors. The colors act as a visual aid, representing how much effort you’re exerting in your workout. Here’s the breakdown:

Gray indicates a low effort percentage, which you may see before or during your warm up.
Blue indicates that you’re becoming active, using 60-69% effort.
Green indicates that you’re being moderately active and using 70-79% effort.
Yellow indicates that you’re using a higher effort at 80-89%.
Red indicates you’re using the most effort possible at 90-100%.

As a beginner, you’ll want to aim for the green or yellow. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you can’t seem to reach it. Your MyZone will calibrate after the first few times you wear it, giving you a better chance to hit the high colors.


What Are MyZone MEPs?

You may have also noticed that your MyZone workouts allow you to earn MEPs. MEPs are MyZone Effort Points, a measurement system specifically tailored to MyZone users. As you move to different colors in your workout, you’ll earn a certain amount of MEPs. The more effort you exert, the more MEPs you earn.

Gray — 1 MEP
Blue — 2 MEPs
Green — 3 MEPs
Yellow — 4 MEPs
Red — 4 MEPs

The amount of effort you use is based on your maximum heart rate, so it may be different from person to person. It’s also important to know that the yellow and red zones both earn 4 MEPs because MyZone doesn’t want to encourage you to be in the red the entire time. That could lead to overexertion and possible injury.


How Accurate Are MyZone Belts?

MyZone belts are extremely accurate since they take every movement into account. They use an exclusive system that’s designed to help users get the most out of their workouts, and that includes getting an accurate reading. In fact, MyZone is 99.4% accurate in comparison to a medical EKG machine. With that in mind, you can rest assured you’re receiving instant feedback that you can trust.


MyZone vs. Fitbit vs. Apple Watch

You may be wondering how MyZone stacks up against some of the popular smartwatches with fitness capabilities. We’ve put together a chart so you can compare them!

MyZone belt fitness monitor comparison

While MyZone isn’t designed for continuous, all day use, it has everything you need to achieve the best workout with the time you have. Fitbits and Apple Watches are great for multitasking and collecting data on your overall life, not just your workouts. However, you’ll sacrifice accuracy as they won’t take movements such as pushups and box jumps into consideration when they calculate your workout data.


Owning & Maintaining a MyZone Belt

Can My MyZone Belt Get Wet?

The MyZone belt is water resistant, so sweat won’t affect it. The belt itself can be submerged, but the transmitter can not.


How to Clean MyZone Belts

It’s not absolutely necessary to clean your belt after every use, but you may want to give it a little cleanse every now and then to prevent any unwanted smells. Simply throw the belt into your washer (without the transmitter) and run it through a gentle cycle. Once it has been washed, lay it flat to dry.


MyZone Connectivity Issues

If your MyZone belt isn’t connecting, try dampening the black monitor pieces that touch your skin. This may help by improving the electrical contact between the belt and skin.