Want to be a SAVAGE on the field? 


I’ve compiled a list of exercises that I incorporate in my programming with my athletes that actually WORK and deliver nothing but results in the quickest amount of time.

There are plenty of exercises out there that claim they make you stronger, faster, more explosive, and an overall BETTER athlete. I feel these exercises are a must have when working with athletes of ANY sports. The variations listed below can be used to keep it different throughout the training to help strength and hypertrophy gains, as well as prevent overuse injuries.

When in doubt, RUN Fast, Jump High, and LIFT Heavy Sh*t!

Lets take a look at the list…

  1. Squat

Variations: Kettlebell, Back Squat, Front Squat, Bodyweight, Box Squat, etc. This is a foundational exercise that is a top priority when training to develop speed and strength.

  1. Deadlift

Variations: Kettlebell, Sumo Stance, Traditional, Trap Bar, Snatch Grip, Rack Pulls, Etc

The deadlift delivers results to help develop power, strength, and speed. To me, it is the king of all exercises and develops the posterior chain like no other.

  1. Bodyweight Pulling Exercise: Chin Up, Pull Up, Neutral Grip Pull Up, Inverted Row, band pull apart.

Developing the back is very critical to any sport. Too many athletes spend too much time on the Chest. I recommend at least a 2:1, sometimes 3:1 ratio for my pulling movements in relation to my pushing movements. I throw in a pulling variation every single workout for my athletes.

  1. Carry Variation: Suitcase Walks, Farmers Walks, Racked Carry, Single Arm overhead Walk, Barbell Overhead Walk.

Pick up something heavy and walk with it. It’s my secret weapon when it comes to training athlete. There is a loaded carry variation in most of the workouts I prescribe my athletes. Loaded carries get you stronger, help you burn more fat, and the results will carry over on the field.

  1. Med Ball Throw: Chest Pass, Side Toss, Overhead Toss, Halo Toss, Chest Pass to Plyo Push Up, Broad Jump to Chest Pass, Shot Put Throw.

Want to develop upper body power and explosiveness, while teaching an athlete the triple extension? “Throw” in some medicine ball variations in your athletes programming. Athletes tend to pick these up quicker than teaching them the triple extension while performing an Olympic movement, thus gives the athlete more bang for their buck, more results in a shorter amount of time.

  1. Sled Drag/Sprint Variation: Forward Sled Drag, Backward Sled Drag, Lateral Sled Drag, Bear Crawl Sled Drag, etc.

Sled Variations are a top 3 for me, there is no eccentric portion to the exercise. Simply put, they are perfect for strength and conditioning purposes because they will not cause extreme muscle soreness. Use the sled to drag and sprint with your athletes, and they will become stronger, faster, and more explosive athletes. I would throw sled movements in your programming as much as you would perform a squat or deadlift variation, they are just that important.

  1. 10 yard sprint: push up starts, jump back starts, 40/60 yard dash starts.

Aside from improving flexibility and relative body strength, the fastest way to improve your speed is to SPRINT. Makes sense, right? Throw in variations of sprints 1-2x weekly depending on the goals of your athletes or where they are in their off-season/in-season programming.

  1. Jump Variation: Hurdle Hop, Broad Jump, Box Jump, Vertical Jump, Skipping, Hopping, Bounding.

We throw jump variations in our workouts prior to beginning our main strength movement of the day at least 1-2x a week. In addition to developing explosive power and improving your ability to express that power quickly, jumping hypes up the nervous system and gets your body ready to lift some heavy weight!

  1. Single Leg Movement (Unilateral and Lateral): Single leg RDL, Side Lunge, Split Squat, Lunge Variation, Cossack Squat, Single leg Hip Thrusts, Pistol Squat, Step ups, skater jumps, single leg glute bridge.

Single leg movements are a staple to my programming. They correct imblalances in the body, improve balance, stabilize the smaller muscles that don’t get much attention during major compound movements, and they improve strength. There is a strong carry over to the sport. Single leg movements not only improve performance, they play a huge role in injury prevention. These are a no brainer for athletes of all sports.

Throw these exercises into your training and watch your performance in the gym and on the field improve. You will be turning heads in no time. Trust the Process, Stay the Course, and Become Obsessed with Improvement. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions leave it in the comment box below or send an email to [email protected]