To our New Hustle Family Member,


Welcome to Hustle Strength & Performance.

I want to thank you for taking the first step toward becoming a faster, stronger, quicker & more confident athlete. You’ve taken the biggest step by contacting our results based group training facility here in Addison,IL , and making the decision to change your life.  This puts you in the 1% of all athletes, and for that, thank you. Selecting our facility and our team of coaches to guide you on your path of results and success doesn’t go unnoticed, and it isn’t taken lightly.  My Team and I are honored to be a part of your journey.  Thank you for trusting us in this process.

Step One:  Arrive at Hustle


We are conveniently located on Fullerton Avenue, right off of Rt. 53 E in-between the 7/11 Gas Station and Clyde’s Donuts

(Yes, tempting I know!).

Our address is: 1020 West Fullerton Avenue, Addison IL 60101

There will be plenty of parking in front of the building, so feel free to park as close as you’d like to the door.

Step Two:  Come on in!

Once you park, come on in! When you walk into Hustle, you will be greeted by one of our Team Members  below:

Coach Anthony, Owner

Step 3: The Free Trial Workout – Here’s how it works:

Goal Setting: In order to know how we can help your child, we need to know what they want to achieve. During this step we’ll also learn what other sports they play, instruction they have received, past injuries as well as other relevant information.

Athletic Performance Evaluation: The bulk of the session will be assessing their current level of fitness through various drills & exercises that will test their speed, agility, strength & flexibility. 

These drills & exercises will reveal your child’s strengths as well as their areas that need improvement.

Membership Selection: Immediately following the session or the next day, we’ll go over exactly what they did & how your child performed. We’ll also go over exactly what your child needs to do in order to achieve goals. Lastly, we’ll recommend which membership will be best for your child to get started with us.



We offer sports performance sessions Monday – Saturday

Scheduling sessions are simple & easy. In fact, you can schedule or cancel a session up to 1 hour in advance and you don’t need to commit to any specific days or times so it works for even the busiest schedules.


Frequently Asked Questions

I love your program but I live too far away- what should I do?

We have had athletes drive between 40-60mins one-way to train 2-3x per week. These athletes were extremely dedicated and made self-improvement their top priority (reaping the benefits of playing at the next level with scholarship money was the reward). While we understand this may not suite everyone- we try to be as flexible as possible with scheduling and providing programs and guidance outside of the gym as well. One thing is for sure- near or far- we value every client’s sacrifices and make sure they get the best experience we can provide.

Can female athletes do Hustle?

ABSOLUTELY! We have female athletes of all ages and sports. We love helping our female athletes improve and dominate the competition! Volleyball, soccer, basketball, and softball- you name it!


What do you do for speed?

This is what we do for speed and it works…
• Improve soft-tissue health and address mobility and flexibility as needed
• Get strong
• Get lean (dropping body fat is like taking off a weight vest- you’ll be faster)
• Sled work
• Sprint
We DON’T use a bunch of gimmicks, fancy language, and try to complicate it. What we DO is provide our athletes with the proper stimulus to elicit TRUE improvements in speed. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


If I’m training with my team at school can I still train at Hustle?

Absolutely. Our program is for dedicated athletes who get better when others rest. We can easily alter our program to COMPLIMENT what you’re already training and fill in the gaps within your training program. Truthfully, the soft-tissue and mobility knowledge, the exercise technique instruction, and nutritional guidance and accountability alone will make you stand out.


How many sessions per week should I come and what is the cost?

This all depends on your current sport and practice schedule. Off-season athletes come 2-5x per week and in-season athletes 1-2x per week. Naturally, the more often we work with you during the week, the faster you’ll see results.


Can I add muscle and also improve my speed, agility, and quickness?

Of course. How many high school athletes have you seen that are too muscle-bound? We’ve seen plenty of athletes who need to improve their mobility and flexibility, but very few who already possess enough muscle. Gaining muscle will help you improve your strength. Strength is what allows you to put force into the ground to run faster and change direction. Weak athletes who lack muscle usually aren’t very fast or quick. Weak athletes usually don’t possess much muscle either do they? See the correlation? Gain muscle; get stronger, display more athleticism.


Can any athlete train at Hustle or is just for football players?

When we first opened we trained a lot of football players. Our style and mentality definitely catered to them. It wasn’t intentional- it just happened . While we still train plenty of football athletes, half of our gym are non-football athletes. Basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball, soccer, baseball and softball all train with us and benefit greatly from our program. Actually, they benefit EVEN MORE due to the fact that not many other athletes from these sports train the way we do.


How old should an athlete be before they start training? What do you do for youth athletes?

We have youth programs for 4th-8th graders. Kids this age should definitely be training AS LONG AS they are following an appropriate program under QUALIFIED supervision. We love working with youth athletes and all our older athletes wish they had started Hustle sooner. You can check out our youth athlete page here for more information regarding our youth programs and youth philosophy.


Can I drop in any time for my workout?

Not necessarily. While we make the schedule as flexible as possible, we prefer to keep our athletes segmented by ability level and train in small groups. This provides the best instruction and attention for the athlete and maximizes each athlete’s time in the gym. This also makes us unique and is one of the key factors in our UNMATCHED training environment.


My son/daughter is strong enough already, what can you do to help with his explosiveness?

In our experience, very few athletes are strong enough. Improving strength will help with explosiveness. It must also be combined with learning proper fundamental movements to load the body correctly. Then choosing the right power movements (jumps, med ball throws, etc) for the athlete’s ability level. All these combined appropriately will lead to improvements in displaying explosiveness.

What should I be eating? Do you provide nutritional guidance?

Every athlete receives general nutritional guidelines they must abide by. It is part of our program and we take nutrition very seriously as it is just as important (if not more so) than training itself. We also provide nutritional guidelines and access to our nutrition coach, MissFit Nutrition.


There’s a lot of training information out there and I don’t know where to begin- how can you help?

We educate all our athletes and parents the best we can. When an athlete joins our program, they also gain us as a resource for all their training needs and questions. We know what kind of myths and misconceptions are out there and it makes us sick. We’re professionals who do this for a living, we’ll take care of everything you need.

What separates Hustle from other facilities?

Easy. Our core values. We have a team that CARES. This creates a close-knit family-like atmosphere. Everything we do is honest and with integrity. We train smarter, harder, and more consistently than anyone. The ATTENTION TO DETAIL throughout our entire program separates us from the amateurs in the training industry. We are never satisfied with our results and we will stay humble while always working to improve.


What type of people train at Hustle?

Dedicated, hard working athletes tend to seek us out. Somebody who is accustomed to quitting or making excuses isn’t the best fit. We have helped those who weren’t serious to become serious. And those that were serious we created a balance for them to improve all aspects of their life which helped them explore many other opportunities. Anyone looking to take their ability to the next level will find a home at Hustle? We help develop leaders.


My son/daughter wants to play in college but I don’t think we can afford it- what do you suggest we do?

Private, top-tier training is definitely an investment and a luxury to athletes. Since playing in college is a goal then your actions must match your goals. The goal here would be to no doubt earn a scholarship- not an easy task and it isn’t for everyone. Having the physical and mental edge while understanding the “little things” will give an edge over other competing athletes for sure. Re-read the first sentence. Let’s explore the word “investment”. For example- training with us 3x/week for 8-months out of the year (time off for sports seasons, etc.), for 4-years straight adds up to equal less than ONE semester of college tuition. If it’s a serious goal, then it seems like investing in your ability is the best money you ever spent.